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Welcome to the CANTEACH Publication Library grouped by System as listed below based on the System Index (SI) commonly used in the industry. Several variants of the SI are in use so you may see minor differences in the category numbers and names that are used herein compared to the variant you may be familiar with. Any complex device, CANDU being no exception, is composed of components organized into systems based on function (most basically the process system in question, along with the associated control, safety and auxiliary systems). This System view would be of some assistance for those who wish to focus on a particular system. Use the left hand navigation for alternate views. Additionally, feel free to use the search functionality to find what you are looking for.

Related off-site links of interest: CANDU Simulator by CTI Simulation International. This simulator is available from IAEA on request.

This grouping was created based on keywords assigned to the System tag. Note that documents can be assigned to more than one system and so may appear multiple times in the listings below. If you see errors or inconsistencies or have other comments for a better user experience, do not hesitate to contact us at​

00000 General Project
01000 General Engineering (Methods, Policy, Procedures)
03000 Engineering Science and Technology
03200 Mechanical Engineering
03300 Nuclear Engineering
03400 Radiation Protection (including Waste Management)
03600 Nuclear Safety (Reactor)
09000 Special Studies
10000 Site and Improvements
20000 Buildings and Structures
30000 Reactor, Steam Generators and Auxiliaries
31000 Reactor
32000 Moderator System
32100 Moderator Main Circuit
32200 Moderator Purification System
32300 Moderator Cover Gas System
32500 Moderator Collection System
32700 Moderator Liquid Poison System
33000 Primary Heat Transport System
33100 Main Heat Transport System
33300 Primary Heat Transport Auxiliaries
33400 Cooling Systems
33500 Gas Control System
33600 Overpressure Relief System
33700 D2O Sampling System
33800 Collection System
33900 Installation and Maintenance Equipment
34000 Auxiliary System
35000 Fuel Transfer and Storage
36000 Steam Generator Steam and Water Systems
37000 Fuel
38000 Heavy Water Management
40000 Turbine, Generator and Auxiliaries
50000 Electric Power Systems
60000 Instrumentation and Control
70000 Common Processes and Services
80000 Construction Plant
90000 Operations and Commissioning