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Publications by System - 33000 Primary Heat Transport System
expand Title : Carver, M.B. - Selected Papers and Reports ‎(1)
expand Title : FORSIM a FORTRAN Oriented Simulation Package for the Automated Solution of Partial and Ordinary partial Differential Equation SYSTEMS ‎(1)
expand Title : Reactor Boiler and Auxiliaries, Course 233, Nuclear Training ‎(21)
expand Title : Reactor Boiler and Auxiliaries, Course 433, Nuclear Training Centre ‎(10)
expand Title : Reactor, Boiler and Accessories, Course 233 ‎(24)
expand Title : Reactor, Boiler and Auxiliaries, Course 133, Nuclear Training Center ‎(29)
expand Title : Reactor, Boilers and Auxiliaries, Nuclear Training Course 133 ‎(13)
expand Title : Single Phase Friction Factors for MNR Thermalhydraulic Modelling ‎(1)