The most comprehensive public domain educational and reference library on CANDU technology.


CANTEACH is a knowledge repository that provides high quality technical documentation relating to the CANDU nuclear energy system. This information is public and is intended for use in various aspects of education, training, design and operation.

The CANTEACH Project aims to provide an information exchange network for people interested in the CANDU energy system. Contributors are industry experts who hold valuable knowledge and experience in diverse aspects of CANDU technology and its applications, and unique expertise in the areas of science and technology, nuclear power design and construction, project management and development of engineering tools.

Contributors include people working in organizations that produce electrical power utilizing nuclear energy, CANDU power plant vendors, educational institutions, regulatory agencies and other CANDU-related organizations interested in freely exchanging educational and training materials.

If you are new to the topic of CANDU or if you are a teacher and looking for some introductory information, it is recommended that you visit Introduction to CANDU first.

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