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CANTEACH Home > CANTEACH Announcements > The new CANTEACH web site has arrived  

CANTEACH Announcements: The new CANTEACH web site has arrived


The new CANTEACH web site has arrived 


For 12 years CANTEACH, the premier public domain CANDU technical documentation repository, has provided high quality information relating to the CANDU nuclear energy system. This information is intended for use in various aspects of education, training, design and operation. Many people and organizations have generously contributed to the project. For that, we at CANTEACH say a sincere ‘thanks’.
The old website served us all well but as the size of the library grew, it became clear that changes were needed to provide a better search capability and to provide different views of the library. At the backend, improvements in workflow were sought. Over the past several years, metadata keyword tagging of all documents has been added and the system has been moved to new technology. We hope you like the new CANTEACH site and find that the increased functionality makes for a better user experience. We look forward to receiving your feedback so that we can make the site even better.
For further information about CANTEACH, please contact Bill Garland, COG Project Manager, at or


Created at 2/9/2012 1:03 PM  by Carmen Trandafir 
Last modified at 4/3/2014 1:01 PM  by Mersedeh Safa